Nick St. Chatzipetrou SA is a family enterprise, engaged in the production, processing and packaging of olives.

The company is located in privately owned facilities in Chalkidiki, the place which traditionally producesexcellent quality olives, known worldwide for their size and flavor.

It operates and specializes in the ever growing tourism market and presents its products into originalpackages, which combine tradition with a modern look.

Nick St. Chatzipetrou SA applies a management system for food safety by TUV HELLAS, according to the standard EN ISO 22000: 2018. Its main focus is to ensure that the best quality products are produced according to the best available practices, in direct cooperation with producers.

With a wide range of products, with flavors reminiscent of classic recipies, the company has managed to deliver the highest quality products and distinct Greek flavor. In collaboration with dinner chefs andwith years of experience, the company constantly produces new flavors with quality ingredients, which genuinely represent Greek tradition and the traditional Cuisine of our country.

The company specializes in vacuum packaging. The excellent quality of products has placed the company in a leading position in the Greek market in the private label sector.

Its partners have the opportunity to select among olive products in vacuum packaging, in many combinations of flavors and packaging, covering the unique and demanding food market.

After years of research, our company has created OLIVE FRESH, an innovative product line in the foodmarket.

OLIVE FRESH is a unique packaging of olives in a jar, without brine and preservatives, in various unique Mediterranean flavors. The olives are preserved by the modified atmosphere method, which is the mostmodern and innovative way of preserving the taste and freshness of the olive.

The natural way of preservation and the unique recipιes of these new products guarantee top quality andtaste delight and provide an excellent tasting experience.

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Nick St. Chatzipetrou SA
Factory Industrial Zone N.Moudania 
Chalkidiki, 63200
Τ. (+30) 23730.65700

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